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tips, advice, and support road signsHow do you Fight Your Careless Driving Ticket?

Many legal professionals will promise you that your ticket will be reduced and more, but the proof is in the the experience of who you hire.

You have everything in your power to Fight Your Careless Driving Ticket and a paralegal firm like Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation has the experience to give you the best possible outcome.

When You Fight Your Careless Driving Ticket:

  • An explanation of the events will not get rid of the charge
  • A prosecutor with be appointed to the police officer as representation
  • Having an expert in court will give a better chance at beating your ticket

Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation is an expert you can trust to make your wining argument.

Our team of knowledgeable paralegals and former law enforcement officers have the experience in the court room, investigating accidents and winning and will Fight your Careless Driving Ticket in courts all over Ontario.

We have the experience to win and save you money on your insurance and save your driving record from demerit points.

Fight Your Careless Driving Ticket:

  • We order the officers notes
  • If there is an accident we get a complete copy of the accident report
  • Then we investigate your case in its entirety before your trial which includes filing any of your legal documents

Careless Driving Testimonial

” My son was involved in a traffic accident and subsequently was charged with Careless Driving. I felt the charge was extremely excessive based on the details and in fact the officer even told my son that he should fight the charge. After speaking to several legal firms I chose Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation. They were extremely helpful right from the start explaining the situation clearly and providing an economical solution. At the end of the day they looked after everything, no court appearance even required, and they delivered on their promise. They provided a result that enables my son to continue driving, which made it possible to keep his summer job that will make pursuing his post secondary education possible. Thanks so much David, Doreen and team.”

Dave Y. – Perth, Ontario

Fight Your Careless Driving Ticket

If you represent yourself in traffic court you’ll find you may be unfamiliar with the legal system and unable to defend yourself against Prosecutors, that can take advantage you  in this vulnerable situation.

If you lose when you represent yourself in court and are convicted of careless driving, you will face a dramatic increase in your insurance.

Also if  you are convicted of Careless Driving you will face 6 demerit points or up to 2 year licence suspension.

​Don’t try and and Fight your Careless Driving Ticket.Call a experienced paralegal at Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation .Call : 1-844-999-7572

We Go to Court & Take Care of the Details So You Don’t Have To!

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Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation have over 10 years experience in the Ontario courts and have dealt with countless careless driving tickets, and I know we can help you fight yours.

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