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Careless Driving Officer Observed

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What Is This Charge All About?

Careless Driving Officer Observed tickets are given when the driver of the vehicle commit a driving offence or a array of driving offences.

Careless Driving Officer Observed tickets encompass many types of driving offences in one traffic ticket.

A police officer may look at giving a careless driving charge where they witness 3 or traffic violations.

The Careless Driving Officer Observed definition is broad and includes many issues and and many difference traffic offences.

A police officer has the choice to give a careless ticket but a careless driving charge is ultimately up to the court to decide a guilty or innocent verdict.

Do not fight your Careless Driving Officer Observed Charge yourself!

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If  you are convicted of careless driving you will face 6 demerit points or up to 2 year licence suspension

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  • We file court documents and motions
  • We obtain the disclosure and  any police reports
  • You are represented at any court appearances and at trial

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