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CVOR Offences

transport truck on bridgeWere you charged with a CVOR Offence in Ontario?

Don’t Risk Having Vehicles and Drivers Pulled Off the Road

We have years of experience helping professional drivers keep their driving records clean and helping businesses and owner/operators keep their insurance rates low.

Are you a commercial motor vehicle driver or are you a Commercial Motor Vehicle carrier whose driver was charged with a traffic offence?

We Can Offer Insight on Whether the Traffic Offence Carries CVOR Points or If Your Charge Has a Defence.

CVOR Offences Can Result In:

  • Loss of License
  • Loss of employment and/or work hours
  • Licence Suspension
  • Loss of wages due to Licence suspension
  • High Fines
  • Risk to Future Employment opportunites
  • CVOR Certificate at risk for owners

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We are here to help protect your Driver’s Licence and your Employer’s CVOR.

5 CVOR Points

  • Moving violations such as Careless Driving
  • Turn not in safety
  • Unsafe move
  • Stop sign and traffic light offences.

3 CVOR Points

  • Document and weight or size charges
  • Fail to surrender licence
  • Improper licence
  • Over weight
  • Over width and over length offences

1 CVOR Point

  • Improper light offence
  • Obstructed window
  • improper muffler
  • Seatbelt offences

** Here is a link to the CVOR Conviction Code Table with all CVOR Offences and CVOR Points

Why choose Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation?

Our experienced paralegals have a high success rate in helping commercial drivers and owners with CVOR Offences.  We have what it takes when taking these cases to court and we know the importance of these cases to our clients.

We know a CVOR Offence can lead to unemployment and lost wages and we put a real emphasis on winning these cases.

What we do for you:

Our paralegals handle all the work

  • Filing the ticket
  • Ordering and studying the disclosure
  • Arguing relevant case law* We can’t legally or morally promise you 100 percent of the cases dismissed. But, with CVOR Offences, we are repeatedly negotiating to eliminate penalties, insurance rates, CVOR points and demerit points.

We even go to court for your CVOR Offence.  So there is no need to take time off work and travel to court where your CVOR Offence took place. You won’t have to take time off work or time travelling.

If you chose Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation to help you with your CVOR Offences, it will increase your likelihood of obtaining the best outcome.

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