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Speeding Tickets

car with speedometer overlaySpeeding Tickets Fought All Over Ontario

Costs resulting from Ontario Speeding Tickets:

  • Demerit Points on Your Driver’s Licence
  • Increased insurance premiums – insurance rates could increase by thousands of dollars per year
  • Loss of driver’s licence
  • Loss of employment
  • Excessive suffering for you and your family
  • Employment disadvantage – Commercial businesses screen their drivers based on a Ministry of Transportation Drivers’ Abstract.
  • Lost time from Work, School, or Family to go to Court

Do Not Fight Your Speeding Tickets Yourself !

If You Lose in Court & Are Convicted of Your Speeding Tickets, you WILL face:

  • Demerit Points
  • Dramatic increase in your insurance
  • Possible Licence Suspension
  • Even Loss of Employment.

Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation is here to Fight Your Speeding Tickets and build you a Winning Case.

CALL: 1-844-999-7572

Call Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation and you’ll speak to:

  • Former law enforcement officers, and paralegals with decades of experience in the Ontario Provincial courts
  • Licenced employees by the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Employees with court experience in fighting Speeding Tickets
  • Professionals that have helped and been very successful in challenging and winning Speeding Tickets

Petras Kyte Legal Services Professional Corporation is unique because:

We have a client portal that gives our clients the power to see updates with their case online.

We have Paralegals all over Ontario working for us

We don’t take on cases that we know you are able to handle on your own

Your case will always receive:

  • Personalized Attention
  • We do everything we can to win your ticket
  • We ensure that your insurance rates to not increase
  • We file court documents and motions
  • We obtain the disclosure and  any police reports

You are represented at any court appearances and at trial
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